Yoga Classes

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We are looking for a Yoga/Pilates instructor who has looking to run classes at the Clinic, if you are interested in joining us contact the clinic!

Thank you for your interest in the yoga classes we will be running in our office.  We are pleased to announce that these classes will be starting Monday September 9!!!!

To start, classes will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Classes with be held in the large room located behind our treatment rooms.  We ask that when attending classes to please park in the back parking lot (access from Paulander Drive) or on the street and to use the back entrance as some classes will be held during clinic hours. The door will be open 15 minutes before class time. This door is not to be used when coming for regular appointments as it is locked.  We do offer a small changing area if needed.

No membership is required and everyone at every skill level is welcome.  You pay for the classes that you attend.  Each class will be $15 payable to the instructor.

As of December 2015 we have no Yoga classes available.  We are currently looking for instructors.

Keep in mind that although you may attend a beginner level class, advancements for poses are offered for those who are at a higher level, remember every pose fits every body.  Keep it at a level in which you are comfortable.

As popularity increases additional classes will be added.  Class schedules will be posted in the office as well as on our website.

Teacher instructing a yoga class.
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